Thursday, May 28, 2020

Cool Shades! Getting ready for summer!

Getting ready for Summer!

For your final drawing project create a black and white drawing using marker, pencil or crayon of yourself, a friend,family member or a pet!  Include a pattern somewhere in your drawing to create movement and variety.  You are going to contrast the black and white drawing with a colorful pair of sunglasses that contain an ideal environment.  Beach? Mountains? Baseball stadium?  Whatever you like! 
Have fun with it! I cannot wait to see them!

Don't forget to view the video-to get some clear directions. 

Link to Lesson

Notice how the hair and necklace have patterns.  

The bear has a lot of shading. This is more advanced shading technique. You can try if you like. Notice the pattern on the bandanna. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Go Hornets!

Final Value Drawing Still-life

Make sure you choose objects that interest you.  You may like them because of the color, shape or because they have special meaning to you. 

Some artists like to overlap objects to adds depth

Simple Still-Life Set Up (to show highlights and shadows)

Helpful Hints to set up your still-life:
  • Choose 3 things you actually want to draw. 
  • Place your objects on a light surface to create visible shadows
  • Your objects should be different sizes
  • Watch the video :)
  • You can overlap if you like, but you do not have to.  Space your objects out so they create a balanced composition.
  • Make sure at least one object has a surface that will show a highlight (ball, pear, grape, glass)
  • If you photograph your still-life do not use a flash
  • Have someone hold a light up to it to create shadows (my daughter helped me)

Original Photo

Original Photo with Digital Drawing Overlay

Marker (in progress)

Colored Pencil (in progress)

Pencil (in progress)

Choosing your MEDIUM (material you are using to create your project). Your choice!

  • Pencil  
  • Colored Pencil
  • Marker
  • Pen
  • Paint
  • Google Drawing (bring your photo into Google Drawing and use as a reference)
  • Crayons
  • Pastels
  • ????
  • Show different values:  highlights, shadows, mid-tones 
  • Create the drawing in your style...a bit abstract that's okay
  • Make some effort to complete the drawing (invest 90+ minutes)

Examples of Still-Life Paintings

7th Grade Surrealism and Perspective

During this rotation we studied Surrealism and how correct perspective is important when
  trying to create a dream-like quality.  The painting of The Elephants, by Salvador Dali
 is a great example of creating a vast space by making some elements smaller when they are further away-correct perspective.  You might recognize this painting from the drawing classroom. I really love the way Salvador Dali has floating structures on top of the elephants that have super stretched out legs!  He also makes this seem very realistic (although it isn’t) by showing a light source. Your final project is to create a drawing/mixed-media or any materials you choose (including digital drawing) that includes 3 animals/objects drawn 3 different sizes to show depth/perspective,
include an environment and something surreal.

Salvador Dali, 1948  "The Elephants"

Photo showing perspective in action.

Thumbnail Sketches to show you steps:

Draw an animal or object in the foreground (largest) Just like the Giraffe photograph have this element of the drawing go off the page 

Add another version of the same animal/object that is smaller (middle-ground)

Add a third animal/object that is even smaller (close to background)

Add something that is makes the drawing seem surreal (something that is the wrong proportion or size, warped, floating, out of place)

Add an environment (hills, water, roads, houses and/or light sources)

Final thumbnail sketch. I plan t add shadows and color. 

7th Grade Google Meet Discussion

(how to make this Surreal?)

Monday, May 25, 2020

Featuring the face. Your voice, your choice, your style.

When an artist creates a portrait in can be done in many styles.   A portrait doesn't always have to have realistic features.  Look at the examples below and decide if you want to draw a realistic portrait  or explore other ways to create one.  Will you create a digital drawing  using Google Drawing? Or will you create a pencil drawing? There are so many options.  Fill-out the planning form in Google Classroom this week and submit by Friday May 29th.

made with Google Drawing...

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Digital Drawing using a Photograph

Making a digital drawing using Google Drawing can be creative and fun!  
You need to have patience though.  
After you view the video.  Refer to the directions below.

  1. View Video.  VIDEO/TUTORIAL
  2. Go to Digital Drawing Assignment  (in Google Classroom) and VIEW ASSIGNMENT, CLICK ADD/CREATE a DRAWING.    
  3. INSERT an image into the drawing (watch video to learn how to do this)
  4. Start drawing over the image creating individuals shapes that can be modified (change the color/the outline)
  5. Layer shapes and learn to change the order of shapes to make one in front or behind one another (watch video to learn how to do this)
  6. Add shapes like thought bubbles, hearts, peace signs.  There are many pre-made shapes to choose from.  
  7. Insert a new photo for the background (I inserted New York City into my background)
  8. Go back to the assignment page and turn the drawing in but clicking TURN-IN
  9. Come to the live meets to ask questions or email me.  

Students are starting to finish up. Here are some great examples:

(different background)